• Posted by Intent Media 22 Oct

Clojure NYC: Vert.x Intro

Vert.x is a lightweight, high performance application platform for the JVM. It enables polyglot modules to communicate asynchronously across a shared event bus in a distributed environment. In this talk at the Clojure NYC Meetup, John Chapin gives an overview of Vert.x concepts, practical usage, and Clojure support. He also presents a live demonstration of several key Vert.x concepts in the context of an example client/server chat application.

The slides for the presentation can be found here and the code can be found here.

John Chapin is a Data Engineer at Intent Media, where he is building the next generation of predictive analysis tools alongside a world-class team. When he’s not hacking on a functional programming project, he can be found running along the Hudson River or planning his next trip abroad. John has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from James Madison University.

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