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  • Posted by Intent Media 04 Oct

Intent Media Tags Now In Google Tag Manager Library

First a short primer:

In order to serve Intent Media ads on their pages, our Publishers need to insert our code snippet (or JavaScript ‘tag’) into the code of their web pages. They can either do so by placing our tag directly in amongst their own code (which builds the web page that their visitors see), or they can use an intermediary system to manage the insertion of the tag into the page code.

There are 2 types of such system, the ‘Ad Server’ (such as Google Doubleclick) and the ‘Tag Management System’ or ‘TMS’ (such as Google Tag Manager aka GTM). While both these softwares can do the job of inserting 3rd party code such as the Intent Media tag into the 1st party code which constructs the Publisher’s web page, the TMS is the product that is really designed for the purpose of allowing more complex tags such as ours to operate with their full functionality when they’re delivered into the page.

The key benefit of using a TMS is that the work of deploying a new tag into a web page no longer needs to be done by an engineer, opening up the web page’s code, inserting the tag code, and re-publishing the page. Instead, with a TMS installed on the website, a less technical person can configure the new tag in the TMS user interface, test it, and deploy it, without needing engineering support – leaving the engineering team free to focus on their primary objectives.

Most TMSs, including GTM, can accept raw tag code pasted into the tag management interface, creating a ‘custom tag’ which can then be deployed. However, any serious TMS will also have a library of pre-built tag templates which the TMS user can simply click on and configure for deployment, without having to touch, read or copy-and-paste any code. This makes life much easier and less error-prone for the non-technical TMS user.

As such, Intent Media has worked with many of the prevalent TMS systems to ensure we have a templated tag in their libraries. It is with great pleasure that we can share in Google’s announcement that we now have such a template in the GTM library. The process of getting the tag reviewed and approved for the library has been long and involved, as befits an integration of this nature. We’re thankful to the Google team for guiding us through, and proud to be one of the select ad tech vendors to feature in the library. This serves as a point of differentiation versus other vendors, making for even easier integrations for Intent Media’s Publisher partners going forward. Happy tagging!


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