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Intent Media announces the acquisition of Voyat, the leading personalization and conversion platform for hoteliers

NEW YORK (21 June 2016): Today marks a major step forward for Intent Media. We are excited to announce that we’ve acquired Voyat, the leading personalization and conversion platform for hoteliers. Founded in 2012 by CEO Benjamin Habbel – former Chief of Staff for Marissa Mayer at Google, and CTO Bob Lund – Voyat provides technology solutions to hotel suppliers that increase conversions via data-driven user segmentation and personalization.

Fundamentally, Voyat shares our core mission: use customer knowledge and data science to deliver the right experience to every user.

At the core, both of our brands believe that the most successful travel companies will be the ones who focus on the customer and their exact context at a given moment. For Intent Media, that has traditionally meant using data science and predictive analytics to understand a brand’s website visitors, and intelligently monetize the ~95% of users that won’t book. For Voyat, it has meant focusing on the highest opportunity visitors and delivering personalized experiences that drive conversions. Though we’ve approached it from opposite sides, both companies are in the business of extracting the most value from each visitor to a website by delivering the right user experience in real time – in other words, increasing revenue and profit per search.

This commonality is what drove the transaction. The travel industry today is fraught with change. Acquisition costs are rising, lines between OTAs, Suppliers and Metas are blurring, Google and shared economy players have entered the transaction market; the list goes on. As they adapt, travel companies tend to look for ways to get more – more traffic, more conversions, more ‘heads in beds’ or ‘butts in seats.’

Together, Intent Media and Voyat offer a more viable and balanced path forward. Rather than focusing solely on conversions, our products and solutions allow brands to focus on giving the customer what they want at every stage in the shopping process. For some that might be an ad that helps them keep shopping without going back to Google (which drives up acquisition costs), for others it’s a personalized offer and easy booking. This, in turn, drives better monetization, retention and life-time value.

Both we and Voyat are excited about this milestone. We’ll continue to operate as separate brands, each now with greater expertise and data science capabilities.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners and customers – and those of Voyat – for the trust they’ve placed in our companies and for their continued loyalty. We’re excited to see what new products and services we can develop with our incoming colleagues, and we look forward to delivering innovative experiences to travel shoppers around the world.