• Posted by Intent Media 08 Jan

Introducing Dashboard.js


At Intent Media, we have a pretty glorious amount of data coming in from our partner sites, and we needed a way to visualize all of that data, in real-time, so that we could detect and recover from issues quickly and discover patterns that aren’t apparent using alerts alone. We already had this data available, but it involved logging in to a service and navigating to many different pages, which is very different from having it always immediately available on a screen somewhere in the office, where anybody walking by might notice something interesting going on.

We originally tried using Dashing, which is nice for displaying many simple data points on one page – but we wanted to display complicated data on many pages, leveraging the full power of d3.js. So we wrote Dashboard.js. We’re using this to display dozens of charts that are specific to our company (build monitors, code coverage, and interactive area charts detailing revenue, interactions, extranet performance to name a few) but released an open-source version that includes a couple basic example services that hopefully demonstrate what’s possible.

The source code is available at http://github.com/intentmedia/dashboard.js – we’d love to continue to improve it and get ideas and feedback from the community, so take a look and let us know what you think!

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